Access Internet from LAN

Hi Friends here is a Great Tips for Access Internet from LAN.

How to access the protected and then referred to as phished out sites in a very school subnetworks or workplace subnetworks.

Also access the GTALK and Yahoo and any carrier and chatting software….?
Lets say that Ur behind a firewall in a very LAN subnet during which Ur school faculty or workplace provides u net however with restricted sites…
that is u cant open the other website except those allowed….
in my school we have a tendency to use a computer code to access sites out of restriction by a computer code named ultrasurf…
its utterly automatic and really works….
our school tried to prevent U.S. terribly vehemently however didn’t prohibit this computer code as its secret writing is simply like vry exhausting to decipher…
anyways lets go!!!Download ultrasurf
(tested TROJAN FREE)

Ultrasurf:- Access Internet from LAN

and see however it works…
u simply got to extract the exe file from the nothing file….
then run the exe file…
it will mechanically sight Ur network and router or proxy server.
Theere square measure three bars which is able to be flooded with property indicators…
now Ur liberal to access something.
Just modification Ur browsers scientific discipline to and port to 9666 and u will access something.
Works for chat softwares to love gtalk and yahoo.
our school had restricted our transfer limit to one mb..
but mistreatment this we have a tendency to had been downloading one whole moving-picture show everyday.
with full speed of 136kbp/s .
since am in LAN however will access net as my school provides Pine Tree State thus basically all I do gets recorded in school server logs…
but mistreatment radical does not even leaves a chunk of log behind u.



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