Osama and Obama were Facebook Friends !!!!!

Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are two names which need no introduction. Both of them have been the biggest enemies of each other or that is how the whole world have always known them. Right from the day of 9/11, US and Obama have been looking to kill Osama Bin Laden but have always failed. They could, however, do it only few months back in May 2011 when they killed Osama Bin Laden with the help of US Navy Seals. There is nothing new in whatever I have told you above. I am sure, whole worlds knows it. But what I am going to disclose is something not many people on this earth would know. What is it? That, Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden are great friends. Well, that is what we can conclude if we were to believe the social networking site Facebook. Both of them are Facebook friends. Don’t believe? Well, just check out the below screen shot which I have taken out from their Facebook wall. This clearly shows that they are not only friends but share a very healthy relationship. Just check out the conversation thread in the same screenshot.
By the way, Do you know Barack Obama’s was the most liked Facebook page when FB Pages were launched in 2008 and had highest number of fans/supporters.

Just see, how Obama has praised Osama about 9/11 attack and how keen he is to join Al-Qaeda (the terrorist group led by Osama). Obama could never get that membership as before it could happen, Osama was killed dead by US Navy Seals. So, wondering if all the above is true then why on one came to know about this earlier.
Before, you start losing your sleep over this, let me make it clear that is not real but a fake screenshot of the Facebook wall. So how did I create such a fake Facebook wall that look so real.
So, now it is quite possible to create such fake Facebook wall using various apps and sites. I have made us of thewallmachine.com to create the above fake Facebook wall.