Lets You Make Calls Through Facebook via Talkatone iPhone App

Here is a Great News for Facebook user
Lets You Make Free Calls Through Facebook via Talkatone app.
Talkatone turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a true Internet phone. It uses any data connection, WiFi or 3G/4G. You’ll be able to have high-quality phone calls even when cell phone reception is spotty and won’t use up any of your minutes. Download Talkatone if you haven't done it yet and we'll show you the full power of your iOS device.
When you launch the Talkatone app the first time you'll be presented with two login options - Facebook and Google.
If you want to text with Facebook friends or give them a call login with Facebook. Talkatone will pull your friends and sync them with a local address book.
If you want to call and text your Google buddies you may login with Google. You may also make absolutely FREE phone calls and send texts in US and Canada.
Note: Free calls to phone numbers are available for Google users in U.S. and Canada only. You may need to activate free Google Voice account to use this feature.
When you choose to login with Google account you'll be prompted for username and password.
Talkatone doesn't require a special account. Instead it uses Google account to connect to Google services. Make sure you have it or create one for free at gmail.com.
Connect with Facebook
When you choose to login with Facebook you'll be directed to Facebook app for Single-Sign-On (SSO). If you are already signed into the Facebook iOS app on your device you do not have to even type a username and password. It's that easy.
Note: Facebook recommends that users update to the latest Facebook Application whenever possible.
ContactsOnce you successfully sign into your Google and/or Facebook account(s), Talkatone fetches your friends. It also loads contacts from your local address book and merges them with a friend list, thus forming a unified address book on your device.
Double-tap on Contacts icon to see all Contact groups. Tap on any of them to see the list of contacts/friends.


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