Top 10 Firefox Tips and Tricks

Hi friends here is the list of top 10 Firefox tips that will fine-tune your Firefox functionality .I think it will help you to improve your Internet experience as well as well it will save your time !!!

1. Tab Navigation Tips

Ctrl+Tab (rotate forward among tabs)
Ctrl+Shft+Tab (rotate to the previous tab)
Ctrl+1-9 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab)

2. Disable Antivirus Scanning

In your Firefox, type about:config in the address bar,

Click on I’ll be carefully , I promise

Under filter type doble click it , default value is true , you need to set it to false

3. Make your Mozilla Firefox faster

There is an easy way to make your Firefox load webpages faster. It is done be enlarging the limit 
of the requests that Firefox can send to a page. This is also called tunneling or pipelining.Every time before a page is loaded, Firefox must send a request to that page. So if you make a bigger number of request, you’ll get a better respond time. Now we ask ourselves, why don’t the makers of web browsers set the number of maximum request very high. The reason is that the servers of the pages we would like to visit would overload if everyone of us sent a thousand requests. So by the default, Firefox is sending 4 request.
1.Open a new tab and type in about:config in the address bar
2.Now in the search bar type in network.http … a list like this will appear

3.These three rows are the ones we’re interested in.
The first row is network.http.pipelining. By the default its value is set to false. Double-click on it and it will change to true. The second row is network.http.pipelining.maxrequests. The value by the default is four. You change it to a desired value. My value is 50 and I personally believe that 50 requests is just enough to make it faster, but still small enough to pass unnoticed to almost all websites.
The thirdrow is network.http.proxy.pipelining. Just double-click it so that the value is true.

4. Multiple Tabs For Home Page In Firefox

If you have two or more favorite sites and you want to use them as a homepage, if you want to do it without any plugin or similar, then this simple trick is a solution for you.
Open Mozilla Firefox, navigate to Tools -> Options .
In the General tab you will see , place where you set your Home Page. Just add a space and the | character in between urls like so |

5. Login To Same Site With Multiple Account Using Firefox

Once you may have desired to login to same site with multiple usernames. This time you want to do something nasty, or increase your productivity in a forum. Your basic techie mind will say to open the entire installed browsers and also enable private browsing for each of them. For example, open Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer all at once and login to the site with different user name from each browser. You’ll be able to use 3 usernames. Again open private browsing and login to the same site with another 3 new usernames. This time you’ll have 6 user logins in same site.

6.Save your Firefox Bookmarks Online

If you need to use bookmarks form your home computer, Foxmarks is the solution . It´s add-on for your browser that allows you to back up, share or use bookmarks on another computer. It works silently in the background to keep your bookmarks and (optionally) passwords synchronized. So actually all your bookmarks are safely recorded to an account. Foxmarks allows you to access your bookmarks online by logging into

7. Stop Websites From Blinding You With Blinking Text

In your Firefox, type about:config in the address bar. In the “Filter” search, type: browser.blink_allowed . Right click on the setting and click “toggle” so that the Value turns to “false“. This disables the blinking.

8. Paste Text With The Middle Mouse Button

In your Firefox, type about:config in the address bar, then in the “Filter” search, type: middlemouse.paste , right click on the setting and click “toggle” so that the Value turns to “true“.

9. Open Search Results In A New Tab

In the “Filter” search, type: . Right click on the setting and click “toggle” so that the Value turns to “true“.

10. Mozilla Firefox cache files

What does it mean to actually browse the internet, to visit a site or watch a video for example on YouTube ? To do all of these things the browser needs to download the data to your computer from the internet and just then it can be visible to you. After you close your browser, the data is still there, on your hard drive, therefore, every video we watched fully on YouTube is already downloaded, so we don’t need no fancy download tools just to download a simple video from YouTube.