AdSense Optimization: Content That Search Engines Love


Ever wondered how t

o get the content that the visitors and search engines would love?

In fact, Revenue of your website, Traffic on your website, Popularity of your website, Return rati
o of your visitors, and credibility of your website - all these largely depend upon the content of your website. Content is the King. It’s the heart and soul of any online business. Google loves good content. According to Google AdSense engineers - "Content that promotes industry of AdWords advertisers is the ideal content (so that Smart pricing doesn't hits you)."

Here is how to get quality content for your websites.

#Source #1: Article Websites
This is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to get the articles you need for your upcoming website. You can get a number of articles from these websites on almost any topic. Many professional writers post the articles on the "Article Websites." You can host these articles on your website by giving proper credit to these writers. Industry experts post the articles on "Article websites" and wait for great links to come in. As these articles are posted directly by the experts, they make interesting reading and have credibility. These articles are technically accurate and keep your visitors glued to your website. This increases the page views.

These articles are set on broadcast mode, and the duplicate content can be found at many other places on the net. Search engines like good and motivating content, but your visitors may get bored by reading the same information again and again. Though, it doesn't mean that you should not use Article Websites. According to me, Article Websites are a cool source of high quality content.

Here is a list of 100+ article websites:

One thing you must remember while hosting these articles is to give proper credit to the original writers. Read the Article Website's Terms and Conditions carefully and abide by them.

#Source #2: Write Your Own Content
If you are an expert of the industry for which you are searching the content, who else can write better than you? Articles in your own words are called unique articles. Search engines as well as your visitors love unique articles. If you have unique content, it will be easy for you to ask links from some high profile websites. This will increase the inflow of traffic to your website. Unique content also gets maximum bookmarks, and visitors return to your website again and again for more interesting information.

Here are a few tips on how to write your own unique content.

1 - Surf the Forums
Almost every topic on the web now has forums for the same. People discuss problems, solutions, tips, and tricks related to your industry. This provides enough material for you to write your own version of the story. Locate the problem that most people face, search for its solution, and write something useful. This is the best way to do it.

2 - Get the Inspiration
Surf the web, dig out your competitors, and know what content they are providing, and ponder over what makes their websites so good. Use the same data as inspiration, add your own comments, add negatives or positives (pros and cons), and add comments from forums. Ideal strategy is to jot down 5-6 articles around one topic only. While writing, keep in mind that the content of the articles should be easy to understand. Avoid lengthy sentences, difficult words, and unnecessary repetition. Remember, you are not displaying your mastery over the language, instead you are communicating with your potential customer. The effort should be on trying to make him understand what you want to say.

3 - Get Content from Your Visitors
Let the visitors post articles on your website. They can email the articles to you, or else you can put up a "Post Article Form" for their convenience. Let them post comments on your articles - like a small forum thread for each article. This will keep the search engines hooked to your page. Moreover, you are generating content without moving a finger.

#Source #3: Get the Content Written - Paid
Hire a content writer if you feel that you can't write the content. You can get many of them on freelancing websites. Ask the content writer to write unique content related to your industry. Specify some topics, if you can. If you can't, just specify the number of pages you want him to write for your website. You will get customized content.

Here is a list of a few websites where you can find the people to write content for you.

Keep posting the content on your website. New content on your website keeps your website fresh and tasty - both for visitors and search engines.

#Benefits of Unique Content
There are numerous benefits of writing eye opening, unique content.
- It builds web presence. People bookmark your website, and you get more returning visitors.
- It gets you links easily.
- If the content is posted on Article Websites, you get good links. If you have compiled good article website, your potential link partners look at you with respect. I have never seen an email shouting at me while I run my link partnering campaign, even if I drop them 15 continuous emails with the same content, accidentally making it a spam. I get links from the websites that are the masters of their industry.
- Source of free advertising.
- Search Engines look at you with more respect.

If you are beginner in this game, Article Websites are the best way to start with. Unique content may have more respect, but there is no point in writing content if you don't know the ins and outs of the industry you are targeting. And for God's sake, don't create confusion over internet! It's better to have duplicate content on your website than give wrong information to your visitors.

#Content With Higher AdSense Payout
Content development can be tough and time consuming. For whopping fast returns, it's better to create websites either on the industries that are high paying or on the niche keywords. guides webmasters and apprises them of the exact high paying keywords that must be targeted while creating content for a website. For more information, visit

#Other Articles of Your Interest
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Note: This is not a "Guide to hack the Google AdSense." I respect Google and all the other search engines. The sole purpose of the article is to benefit the Google Adwords, AdSense, and the advertising community in general. For God's sake, give credit to the writers and please don't use copyright protected material anywhere. This might get you in trouble.


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