Allowing Mario the Luxury of Endurance Training

If you could think of any one video game character that could be considered the longest running marathon man, I think it'd have to be Mario. He's been in activity since the early 80s and his popularity hasn't waned very much. He's still adored by people who have played his games during those times and newer fans have taken to him as a gaming icon as well. However, Mario's gotten older, which makes me believe that endurance training can help him to pick up the slack.

Mario is not the character who I would call the fastest of the bunch, since there are many others who could just as easily claim they hold that acclaim. What Mario does have over just about everyone else is consistency, since his games have always been good. You'd be hard-pressed to look at Mario's legacy and pick out a terrible one, which is rare. Mario's body of work has been tended to with care, which is not something that can be said for others.

Over the course of time, though, Mario seemed to have slowed down his once-rigorous activity. Even looking at Mario, he doesn't look like the kind of person who you'd expect to be a top runner. With a rotund physique that would look silly on just about anyone else, he seems to be better suited as a football team's water boy than anything else. Mario is a classic case of looks being deceiving, though, and it goes to show in his actions.

In order to help Mario as he has seemingly slowed down over time, maybe endurance training would be for the best. After all, if someone goes about rigorous activity constantly and keeps at it, it's possible that the results are going to be seen much sooner. Events like Spartan Race push these ideas of endurance, though, as you have to muscle through one obstacle after another. Considering how many hazards exist in video games, whether past or present, Mario seems like a strange yet ideal fit.

Turtles and lizards on their own do not seem terribly scary, do they? When it comes to Mario, though, it's almost like he sees the visions of his most hated enemies and incorporating such creatures to maneuver around could help immensely when it comes to endurance training. We all need motivation to exercise, I would believe, and this could be Mario's. While he has a storied legacy behind him, I don't think that it has to end so soon because of a lack of fitness.


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