Selecting The Right Backyard Putting Green

For an avid golf lover, having your very own backyard putting green is something that golfing dreams are made of. It will make for a place to enjoy golf either by yourself, with your friends or with your family. It can turn a simple game into an all-around bonding moment, something that both you and your loved ones will appreciate.

So you've finally decided to put up your very own backyard putting green. However, you're at a loss as to where to begin. The most important thing that you need to think about, after deciding where, is what type you want.

The Kinds Of Putting Green

There are 2 primary forms of backyard putting green. These are listed below, complete with their advantages and disadvantages.

* Artificial

This type of backyard putting green is composed almost completely of synthetic grass. That is, there is nothing natural about it. The best thing about this is that you will not have to mow it all, as it will never grow. It can stay neat and playable for a long time.

On the downside, some artificial putting greens may contain chemicals or substances that may inadvertently harm the surrounding environment. While many manufactures have worked to get around this, it still poses as a small threat. It is may also be harder to fix if part of a turf gets ruined. Natural grass can simply grow over the ruin, while you will have to actively work to make sure that it is covered.

* Natural

This type of putting green involves you using turfs that are made from real grass and soil. There are generally no synthetic materials used, and your backyard will remain purely natural. This is great news for your garden, as it is basically just the process of adding another layer.

However, it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Generally, it requires a good and neat mowing several times a week. For a small area, it is not much of a problem. Larger putting greens, however, may be a cause of frustration, and some people think it to be not worth their time.

Why Does It Matter?

It is of great importance that you choose the right putting green for your backyard. You need to be aware of each type as you will have to decide if you are capable of handling and maintaining it properly.

If you are unavailable in your schedule for most of the week, natural putting green may not be suited to your circumstances. In addition, you may also find some artificial putting green to look too unreal for your taste. You have to balance the pros and cons very carefully before you make a decision.

Where You Can Get Backyard Putting Green

Many manufactures of putting green can be found at your local gardening stores. Your local golf club may even have contacts that you could make use of. Plus, because of the rise in media over the past few years, it is also easy enough to look up suppliers through websites on the Internet.


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