Knowing how to create the perfect feng shui bedroom layout and more

Understanding how to arrange your feng shui bedroom layout is of vast importance to your well-being and relationship with your other half. Think about it this way - you spend about one-third of your life in your bedroom!

For this reason I think it is next to impossible to think that you are throwing money away by investing in creating the perfect bedroom.Feng-Shui-Bedroom-Design

If your love life is lacking passion here are some adjustments you can try. You may also find that these tips will help your health to benefit in addition to your relationship matters.

1. Keep the headboard of your bed against the most solid wall in the room if possible. It is not recommended to have the head of the bed against a window.

2. When in bed you should be able to see the door, giving you a better feeling of security.

3. The bed should be positioned so that chi can flow around it naturally. Three sides of the bed should not be touching any walls. If this is not possible, you can place a red rug under the bed. Doing this will stimulate any energy that has been trapped.

4. Avoid having the bed in line with the doorway, which will create secret arrows. If this is not possible, hang a crystal between the bed and the doorway.

Other Advice Beyond Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

1. Don't have any sharp metal objects in the bedroom. Examples would be knives, scissors, guns and so on. If you have any sharp metal objects close by when you sleep it can result in being cut.

2. It is not recommended to have any large mirrors in this room, but if you do, it is imperative that you ensure you cannot see your own reflection in them when you are in bed.

3. Avoid large plants or water features in the bedroom.

4. It is important to have the right amount of lighting. The right balance of yin and yang elements here is essential (not too bright of too dim).

5. Wooden beds are preferable to metal beds, which conduct electrical currents and are therefore a concern for your health. Avoid having electrical blankets and other similar devices, as they can be harmful.

6. If you can afford to, invest in making your bedroom much nicer than it currently is, rather than continuing to buy the same old items that will get you the same old love life and health situations.

7. Remove anything which doesn't resemble love and passion. Examples include desks and study areas. Your room should not be a multipurpose room.

8. Keep the room well-balanced with all five elements (Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal).


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