Poor Photos Fail Passport Application Process

Having your passport photo Singapore regulations met in the photo that you will send with your passport application is vital. If you do not hire a photograph studio to take the picture for you in accordance with government regulations, your picture could be rejected. This faulty photo will result in needing to take the photograph again while your passport application waits for your conformation at the back of the proverbial line, causing extensive delays in the process.

For most individuals, the passport application process becomes an afterthought once plans for international journeying have been made. This habit creates a very authentic deadline by which time your passport must be prepared and in hand. The passport application is an extensive process, requiring a correct picture to accompany multiple forms and government documents. A fault in the chosen picture is what causes the majority of problems in the passport application process.

Passport photo Singapore rules are quite strict. The list of regulations for the photograph is lengthy, including overall size limitations and how prominent your head may appear in the photo. Other restrictions include background colors, reflections from glasses, and even tilting your head or witnessing a chair that you are seated in. These rules make taking your own passport picture nearly unimaginable. Using professional passport photo Singapore services will assure that your picture is taken correctly for your application process.

When it becomes time to have your passport photo Singapore taken in following with government rules, rely on only a professional photo studio Singapore to get the job completed. Your graduation photo studio experts can supply you with everything you need for your passport photograph.

Getting your passport photo Singapore taken to government rules can be challenging if attempted at home. The slightest imperfection will cause your passport to be tardy for weeks or even months, a situation that can simply ruin your travel plans. Keep your travel plans on schedule by having a professional portrait studio business take your passport photo today.


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