Collecting Old Gas Station Signs As A Hobby

One of the more interesting of the collectible items is old gas station signs. They bring back memories of better times for many people. Of course, some people like to have them as investments and still others place them with museums so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

A collectible item can be anything that you want to collect. Some people like to gather stamps and place them in an album. Others catch butterflies and pin them in case. Still others buy coins or paintings and keep them for investments. However, it is fairly rare that a collectible item is really worth a lot of money. Most people collect things just because they like them.

An antique is an item that can be dated back more than 100 years. A lot of people collect these and they tend to be more expensive than other goods. Old furniture and cups are especially collectible and many people enjoy them. One thing to keep in mind is that many old items are in fact considered artifacts. If they are, then it is illegal to remove them. Nearly all Native American goods have been classified as artifacts and are protected.

Some people collect anything from a gas station, gas pumps, trash signs, and old signs are all sought after. In fact, pretty much any old petroleum item would be considered collectible. Many collectors search for them but also restorers and dealers are on the look out for these items. Interestingly, there are entire museums dedicated to nothing but petroleum pictures and other gadgets.

So what is the lure of old signs? Well, for many people they can bring back feelings of nostalgia associated with the 1950s. They like to think of this as an easier time, a less complicated period. By collecting gadgets from that time period they keep in touch with fond memories.

Online auctions are a great resource for anyone looking for an unusual item. Sellers list everything from loose gems to old toys. Some of the deals are great and others are just strange. If you are looking for an old or retro item you may also want to check retro specialists both on and offline. Some people swear the best deals to be found are at yard sales and flea markets. Of course, they know that the early bird gets all of the good deals.

There is no standard price for these types of signs. Some run on the low end and can be found for less than ten dollars. Others have sold in the thousands; of course, these are generally only for verifiable items. One problem with looking for these is that there are many people that will sell a fake and tell you it is real.

If you like old gas station signs then you can find many places offer them for sale. Online auctions can always be counted upon for even the most unusual items. People also hold yard sales and put them in newspapers. The caution here though, is that there are unscrupulous people that sell altered or even fake items so make sure that you know what you are buying.


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