How Much Water Can Your Watch Handle?

Water is incredibly harmful to designer watches. If the face of the watch or its movement come into contact with water, chances are that you will have to replace them. Many designers boast with their watches' water resistance for sales purposes. But all too often this can be very misleading. Fact is that watertightness does not last forever.newest_water_proof_quadband_watch_phone_w08_1__71759_zoom

After much wear the ceiling will eventually start corroding due to sweat, cosmetics, cleaning products, ultraviolet rays, salt water, shampoo and dirt. The emollient contained in rubber gasket can get too hard or damage on the glass or the buttons can all lead to potential leaks which compromise the watch's water resistance. Water resistance is measured in ATM (Atmospheres) and when you're buying a water-resistant watch it should specify a depth rating of at least 3 ATM (or 100m). The idea is if a diver was to sit completely still 100 metres under water, the watch wouldn't let in any water. This is hardly realistic though as the pressure on the watch increases as soon as you move and try to push water away. So if you find a watch that does claim to be water-resistant but does not specify up to what depth rate then you can be sure that you should under no circumstances hold that watch under water. What they will mean is that it won't break if you accidentally splash a few drops of water on it but don't try to wear it while taking a bath or a shower. Even if your watch does come with an ATM rating you should still try to avoid sudden temperature changes such as jumping from the hot tub into cold water etc. as the metal and rubber can take a moment to adjust to the different temperature and thus cause a temporary leak. Finally, beware of watchmakers that claim that their products are waterproof. Since the 1960s this is a claim no watchmaker is allowed to make anymore. Not even watches especially designed for deep-sea diving can claim to be entirely waterproof. Regular wear can easily reduce the effectiveness of the gasket.


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