How to Choose the Best Studio Monitor Speakers for Your Home Studio

Most if not all personal speakers are fine-tuned so that every aspect of audio with be richer and crisper. For the audio engineer it is not very good at all you may attempt to change your own music to offset the fine tuning. Because of this your music may not sound as good to your fans and clients. Every time as an engineer the goal is to make sure it is "transferable". This simply means when you listen a song it is going to sound great everywhere on any kind of music player from an Ipod touch to a home theater.images-1

This is why studio monitors becomes very important as they work to not change the audio. In a perfect world they will have a flat frequency response meaning "no change at all of any frequency". No pair of monitor are perfect in spite of this they are considerably less adjusted then customer equipment. In home and professional studios alike a pair of studio monitors ( other-wise called reference monitors ) will be used in studios, and in many cases several different sets to choose from enabling you to reference material as the engineer and producer mix to aid with transferability.

You can get a lot of studio monitors how do you go with the perfect one for yourself? Initially establish how much you are willing o pay for a pair of studio monitors. Monitors can vary from $200 to $10,000. This is why a financial budget is vital as you can very quickly deplete money.

When I did this I budgeted of $200-$400 for my monitors. In the world of reference monitors this tends to fit in the "low-priced" studio monitor group; nonetheless it was attainable for what I could afford. Understand that you may need several cable connections to hook them up to an audio interface.

Given that you have a price range it is time to start performing a bit of research. I started out looking on the net searching for "studio monitors" and "reference monitors". I invested time on music forms like Gearslutz and the womb to acquire different folks thinking. I even questioned other engineers and audio pupils as well .


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