Modern Day Android Merchandising Practices

Making use of an advertising firm means doing a few different things. If you want to best use your time with them, you have to be sure of a few things. First you want to make sure you're not wasting your money, then you want to make sure they have the techniques to make the most of that money. Thankfully, airpush blog promises to deliver.

First off, you know their credentials are something you can count on because of their platform. It's designed to take data from 60,000 applications to determine the best use of your time with your specific advertisements.

From there all you really have to decide is where you want to put your ads, and what sorts of ads you want to buy. One of the most ideal is the Smart Wall. This is your major ad if you want to get a lot of information across.

This is almost the new age banner ad. Those just aren't effective because of how people web browse nowadays. But the Smartwall ensures maximum exposure and information in every single advertisement.

But if clicking through is more important than getting a lot of information across, you want a notification style ad. That way people click on them because they pop up as notifications and get them curious as to what they have popped up for.

Called Push Ads, they literally push people towards your mobile site. If you want to pique someone's interest, this is a good intermediate priced add to really catch some attention, and disguise the advertisement.

Of course if you really want to get new people clicking through to the site then the icon ads are the best, which meet Airpush's huge developer team can also do. That's because they are all about just getting the clicks. You'll find they get the most clicks, but may not convert as successfully.

They inspire curiosity by looking like any other type of Android app. But Airpush ensures that these are most likely to be clicked on, so that you can increase your odds of reaching the customer base you're targeting.


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