Submitting Work To An Art Gallery

Artists, like all other professionals have to start from somewhere. Before one can become a renowned professional, he has to submit pieces for review from exhibition centers and members of the public. By being critiqued, one is able to improve his style and in the process improve on the pieces submitted to an art gallery.

Each professional will need to locate all the exhibition centers that are located within his city of residence. A check on the World Wide Web can reveal a number of results. The information obtained from the web should include the websites of all these galleries and the requirements that they need to be met for one to have his work displayed.

The first step in many cases is to provide a short biography. A person will also be required to provide his contact information including his email address and his telephone number. Given that websites have become very important in marketing businesses, one may also be required to provide a link to his personal website.

From here, the next step is to prepare a portfolio. A portfolio should be well prepared and should include all the best pieces that one has worked on in the last few months. Portfolios can be submitted in two main ways.

It is important to understand how portfolios are presented. If one decides to use a compact disc, he must first resize all the images. Images must also be saved using the correct formats so as to make certain that they can be accessed from different operating systems with ease.

A cover letter will also come in handy. In the cover letter, a professional has to introduce himself, introduce his work and also state why he thinks his work should be displayed at the center. It may also be important to detail the creation process.

Certain but not all centers may require one to submit a proposal. A proposal is made up of a brief introduction of the concepts covered in the pieces, how each piece will be installed and also the number of pieces being submitted. One should only send this where it has been asked for.

Submission can be done online or by mailing. Either way, a cold call should not be placed until after a few weeks have passed since the pieces were submitted. If one does not receive word within a few weeks, he can then proceed to make a call to the art gallery director.


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