Telling The World Of Battlestar Galactica Characters

Battlestar Galactica is a popular and famous science fiction franchise that, in spite of having been around for decades, continues to attract new fans. The BGS universe was first introduced to television audiences in 1978 through the series of the same name; this led to the writing of novels, the preparation of comic books, and even the release of video games all built around the same basic storyline. Fans in many parts of the world are enjoying these varying adaptations and extensions of the original story and characters because it allows them a chance to truly experience the world of Galactica. There have been many notable changes and additions to the story of BGS through the years but it all came from the original concepts and characters that were created back in 1978.

Battlestar Galactica began in 1978 as a television series that was made by Glen Larson and was eventually followed by a 1980 sequel series that continued the roles of a few characters from the original. The basic concepts of the TV show's plot were that a race of humans from a distance galaxy were being attacked by the Cylons, a race of cybernetic creatures. Although the show was taken off the air after just one season, it earned a cult following amongst many fans who even protested the cancellation outside of the television studio that broadcasted the show.

The next BGS series was produced from 2004 to 2009 after the successful presentation of a three hour miniseries which was released to much praise in 2003. This was a re-imagining of the first series so it featured the identical basic characters with some notable updates to make them feel more realistic for modern viewers. Because it continued for several seasons, the creators were able to spend more time developing story arcs for individual characters and for the series as a whole.

Spin off projects were immediately begun after Battlestar Galactica broadcasted its final show in 2009 in order to further the storyline. Caprica was released in 2010 as a one season spin off that served as a prequel, informing viewers on some of the events that led up to the first episode of the 2004 series.

There are lots of hardcore Battlestar Galactica fans who love to get their hands on all creative material that adds life to this unique sci-fi universe. One of the most recent additions to the BGS universe has been an online game that allows players to fight alongside the humans and the Cylons.

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