The Number One Threat To The Tool Crib Management Industry

The industrial workplace, particularly tool crib bosses are facing an accelerating trend known as employee theft. In a recent survey of staff of a commercial supply company 33% of them admitted to having some understanding of "other" staff that have thieved tools from the office. Further research showed clearly that the workers did not feel that it was a big thing, because they felt the company had a lot of money and could afford the loss of a few tools here and there.

Employee theft immediately reduces the profit potential of a company. From a company viewpoint, is there an acceptable level of burglary? The bulk of tool crib managers will admit that security issues, and damaged goods are just a kind of lifestyle.

How Tool Crib Managers Can Tremendously Reduce Theft

The Label Rack makes a speciality of high spec labeling supplies that may help tool crib executives sort, manage and identify tools via scannable barcode labeling systems. Many tool crib chiefs like a very sturdy label as an element of their bar code labeling supplies that come in multiple colours. This allows the barcode label to face up to the grease and oil of a tool crib environment without losing the scalability of the barcode itself, and make allowance for colour coding for straightforward visual identification.

Label Rack uses aggressive adhesives and they supply multi-year life spans which are required for heavy commercial applications. With one of the biggest inventories in North America, Label Rack has been able to find standard and custom solutions for rescuing tool crib managers bottom lines and helping to increase their profits.

Many tool crib managers opt to use thermal transfer printers to print black and white worker identification stills and barcoding the worker ID number on clear vinyl to check in and out products from the tool crib. This saves the company huge amounts of money by making employees responsible when going in and out the tool repository, practically eliminates employee theft.

Seriously improve responsibility using Label Rack's Check In - Check Out system with durable labels and thermal transfer ribbons! Along with the tool tracking, Check in - check out software from Label Rack allows you to effectively track gear, file folders, product samples, rental items, and any items that have rotating possession or possession. Would you like to save time and cash? Let Label Rack's solutions come to the rescue.

Label Rack's Check In - Check Out system comes in 2 versions, standard and mobile. The standard editions of the software make allowances for data collection using cabled barcode scanners attached to P.C workstations. The mobile editions make allowance for info collection using cabled barcode scanners attached to P.C workstations as well as the facility to collect information on scanner-enabled mobile PCs. Mixing this programme with the sturdiness of the labels that mark the product, a long-lasting solutions is at hand.


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