The Reasons Why Bamboo Clothing Makes the Best Organic Yoga Apparel

All people should try their best to choose to wear sustainable clothing products that are made in synch with nature. Bamboo cloth is the ideal choice for sustainable yoga clothing for numerous reasons.

Clothing produced from the bamboo plant is incredibly soft. Lots of consumers compare it even to silk or cashmere. The cause of this is because bamboo fibers naturally have a smooth and rounded surface. It makes bamboo clothes very comfy, even for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Bamboo cloth is quite water absorbing. This shows that when you are perspiring it will absorb the moisture from the surface of your skin. You will feel more dry and comfortable wearing bamboo clothing for yoga and other exercise.

Bamboo material is permeated by miniature spaces which allows this fabric to air out. You should feel more cool when wearing bamboo clothes in the warmer months. On the other hand in the colder months, this material,clothing made from bamboo gives an outstanding insulation layer to keep the wearer warm and cozy. Bamboo material is also observed to block about 98 percent of ultraviolet rays, so it helps save your skin from the sun.

The amazing bamboo plant has a natural antibacterial agent known as bamboo kun. The antibacterial properties of the bamboo fiber are still remaining in bamboo fabric. You are going to see that bamboo clothes, towels, and bed sheets restrict the growth of bacteria and fungus. Your bamboo clothing can smell fresher for a longer time than garments from other materials. This makes organic yoga wear from bamboo fabric such a wonderful choice. Lots of shoppers decide to buy bamboo lingerie and towels for this reason.

Bamboo is known to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world, but did you know also that bamboo is actually a variety of grass, and not a type of tree? Because of this all of the various bamboo canes are joined by a system of roots under the ground. Only the culms that have grown for around 3 years are removed, whereas the younger ones are left in place. This way plants can continually be collected in a sustainable way in the same place every year. Additionally, bamboo has its own natural protection from insects and fungus. Therefore it can prosper in an organic setting without any harsh pesticides and herbicides that pollute the soil and waterways.

This amazing plant also gives back much to the environment as it grows. Each square mile of bamboo forest changes a larger amount of carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen than a comparable area of hardwood forest. The dense root network of bamboo helps trap moisture in the earth and prevent erosion. Bamboo plants will grow on sloping hills where lots of other crops are not able to grow. The variety of bamboo used to make clothing needs only natural rainfall for its irrigation needs. By comparison, cotton is one of the most water intensive crops in the world. It requires several tons of precious water to produce only one pound of cotton cloth.

As you can see, bamboo is a remarkable plant with a number of benefits as a fabric. People who care about the environment are going to feel happy about buying clothing made from bamboo. It is perfect for anyone practicing yoga, zumba, or any kind of exercise. Bamboo clothing absorbs moisture, so you are going to feel less sticky. At the same time, bamboo fiber resists the growth of bacteria. So your yoga wear are going to smell more fresh. And lastly, bamboo clothing is so comfortable and good looking that you are not going to want to wear anything other than bamboo.


  1. I agree with everything said here. Bamboo clothing has so many advantages. If you try it I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how soft and comfortable it is to wear.

  2. that seems strange to make clothes from bamboo. I thought bamboo is so hard like a tree. How do they make it soft?

  3. Hmmm... Bamboo really has lots of properties.

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