The Email Sequence For Turning Prospects Into Customers

For most people, deciding on what to send to their email subscribers can be really difficult. To get people to buy your products or services, without getting them offside to the point that they unsubscribe, what ratio of information, articles, tips, and sales offers do you send them? Here's a magic email sequence you can use right away that could easily double the number of sales you make by email.images (2)

The first message you should send to new subscribers is to thank them for trusting you with their email address. It's also a good idea to and remind them that they've made a good decision by joining your list. In that same message, start showing them how they use your product to get from where they are right now, to where they'd like to be. If you can show people how your product is the solution they've been looking for, they're going to be hard pressed not to buy from you.

Once you've sent an initial series of three or four emails following this format, with an offer at the end to buy your product, but they haven't purchased yet. What's next? What follows is an ideal message sequence you could send to your readers that contains some very powerful physiological triggers which virtually force people to buy from you. They simply can't help themselves if your product does indeed help them to solve their problem.

1. In the next message, you should discuss one of the main problems your product helps your readers solve, and expand on all of the side effects this problem is forcing them to cope with. If you do this in the right way, they are going realize they need to do something get rid of this problem once and for all.

Finish your message by briefly mentioning that tomorrow you will give them the solution to the problem, and they can look forward to that message. You are opening a loop in your reader's mind by doing this, and that is going to force them to anticipate your next message because it contains a solution to their problem.

2. The next day, close the loop in your reader's mind by showing them how your product can fix their problem. Make an irresistible offer, and you'll usually see a big spike in sales as people read through and understand your second message.

3. For those people who don't buy, send them your third message which highlights another problem your product helps people solve. Talk about this second problem, and make readers start to feel the need to solve it if it's affecting them. The fourth message the next day shows how your product can help solve this next problem. Then simply do this with each problem your product helps to solve until people buy from you.

Anybody in any business can use this simple email sequence. Capture people onto an email database, then follow-up for a few days showing different ways they can solve their main problem by buying your product. If they haven't bought by then, go through and highlight another single problem your product solves one day, and give them the solution the next. Then highlight another problem two days later, and give them the solution the next day. Just keep doing that doing until they buy your main product, or something else you sell. That's all there is to it.


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