The Many Types Of Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial supplies are needed for any business or workplace and such materials should include some of the following: cleaning materials, handling tools for cleaners, garbage cans and bags, mops and various other supplies.

One of the main tools of janitorial supplies is the chemicals and cleaning equipment. There are cl
In addition, as part of janitorial supplies, storage and distribution tools are needed such as a supply cart so that you have the tools you need as you go from room to room. Utility carts have many shelves, caddies and receptacles that carry cleaning tools such as a garbage receptacles, slots for mops, shelves for supplies and a caddy for cleaning tools. Also storage shelves are need where janitors can store their janitorial equipment, other cleaning agents and other needed supplies.eaners for stone, glass and carpets; however, most cleaning experts suggest buying an all purpose chemical cleaner. Then, you need mops and scrub brushes as well as floor waxing machines and steam cleaners.

Other types of janitorial supplies are paper products---paper products that are stocked in break rooms and kitchens such as toilet paper, paper towels and toilet seat covers. In a business's kitchen, paper plates, napkins and utensils may also be needed. Garbage bags and trash cans are also a part of janitorial supplies.

There are three types of cleaning products that janitors use: janitorial cleaning supplies, professional strength cleaning supplies and green cleaning products.

When it comes to brooms there are three basic types that janitors use: push brooms, an angle broom and a corn broom. Another type of janitorial supply that is needed is a mop. There are two main types of mop heads that are used in janitorial services: cotton wet mop head where the mop head attaches to the handle and a mop head that has open ends or a mop head that has looped ends. An open ended mop head are more efficient when mopping large areas in a short time.

Also, floor and carpet care products and materials are needed such as a vacuum cleaner---preferably a powerful vacuum cleaner that will last a long time and one that has a good warranty. Floor waxing machines and steam cleaners are also necessary janitor needs, as well as carpet shampoo machines.

For the restaurant areas of a business, janitorial supplies that may be needed are: cups, lids, plates, take out containers, bowls, cutlery, towelettes, toothpicks, straws, condiment packets and other food supply needs.

To conclude, many types of janitorial supplies are needed in most businesses and to ensure that your business has the janitorial supplies it needs, look over your needs and then make up a list because keeping a business clean, neat and orderly is a must to keep employees and customers happy and loyal.


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