Your Guide to Shopping for Exterior Doors

When shopping for exterior doors, price is not the only consideration. Other features will also matter, such as the material used, the style of the door and the number of glass and solid panels. Moreover, durability and energy efficiency are the most important characteristics to look for in exterior doors. This guide helps you choose the right kind of exterior door for your home.

Shop around for exterior doors that will suit your home's exterior design. For a traditional home, hardwood exterior doors are best suited to the overall design of the building. A modern architecture will be complemented with a steel or fiberglass sliding door.

Considering energy efficiency, steel and fiberglass doors are better than wood. They have a much higher insulating value than wood to ensure that heat or cold stays inside or outside the building. With today's emphasis on saving energy at home, you must consider this factor whenever you buy an exterior door.

Cost is a determining factor as well when shopping for doors. Solid hardwood doors are the most expensive while steel is the least expensive among the common materials used to make exterior doors. Consider your budget first so that you do not overspend on this item when you need to fix the leaking roof first.

Wood, fiberglass and steel are very durable materials. It is obvious why they are the most commonly used materials for exterior doors. They provide varying degrees of security and withstand harsh weather. However, steel can dent and rust so it is advisable not to have steel doors when your location often experiences extreme weather conditions. Wood, on the other hand, can warp and crack when exposed to harsh weather conditions and will eventually rot. When not maintained well, wood can deteriorate fast.

If buying exterior doors is not a good idea considering your current budget, you can spruce up or refinish the front doors in the meantime. It is much cheaper to repaint or stain an exterior door than to buy a brand new one. With a newly refinished door, your home will be a much better place.

Furthermore, exterior doors are exposed to the harsh elements so they need to be sturdy and secure. If you need to install storm doors as well, then avoid buying steel doors as heat will build up and cause the surface of the doors to peel.

Online and traditional door companies must be vetted before you buy from them. Shopping from any company should be done with careful assessment of their reviews and reputation to ensure that you are buying from trusted companies.


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