Tips on How to Do Your Own SEO

When most people think SEO, they seem to think that it only pertains to the things that are done outside of the website - the secret tricks and methods that SEO experts use in order to boost websites higher in the rankings than their owners ever thought possible. Indeed, most people have no idea that there is a large amount of SEO that the standard website owner can do completely on their on with no help at all.seo software

Learning how to do your own SEO can be an arduous process and a rather difficult one for the learner - but the results are most certainly worth it. The first thing that needs to be done for any sort of SEO solution is the optimization of your website. There are a lot of things that you can do to make a website more "SEO friendly", but the easiest tip is also the best - just make sure all your text is actually plain text, not embedded in a flash application, an image, or a video - in searchable text.

Another great tip when it comes to doing your own SEO instead of paying exorbitant rates to experts in the field is to really think about how you're using keywords - of course, keyword choice is extremely important, but anyone can figure out the keywords that they want to use. The real challenge lies in being able to use those keywords properly on the actual website. You certainly don't want to use a keyword sparingly and not get the full effect you could get, but at the same time you don't want to use it too much and also fail to get the full effect of the keywords.

Finally, if you are going to use a large number of images, make sure that they have been properly "alt-tagged" - that they have had proper descriptions appended to them in the HTML code. This is a quick workaround for any sort of text in images, since the search engine spiders can certainly read the alt-text, which they see instead of any sort of actual image.

At the end of the day, though, it's the most important to realize that you as the website operator only have control over the aspects of SEO that exist on your website - you have no control over how other sites link to you and how Google interprets those links and any other sort of content that is not on your actual site. That said, just by manipulating your own site in very specific ways, you can create a far more beneficial SEO environment for it to exist in, sitting at the top of many different keyword searches.

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