Why should you go for paid web hosting instead of free web hosting?

A website is a means of communicating with your customers. A website is the best tool to describe your business and as such, companies do not spare any efforts to ensure their website is the best. Whenever a company goes for web hosting it needs to choose between free and paid hosting services. In the paid website hosting, the company needs to pay for the services rendered. Whereas there is no need to pay anything if you go for free hosting. It is always recommended you go for a paid hosting as it offers numerous benefits that a free hosting will be unable to offer. Let us look at the benefits of paid web hosting. Storage Options A free website will offer storage up to a maximum of 10GB. This may sound huge and I am sure you would like to have maximum traffic on your website, as it will translate into more sales. However, when the traffic increases, this storage capacity will just not be sufficient. A free website may not offer you an upgrade option. Therefore, you should avoid going for a free website. Upgrades As stated above, free hosting services do not allow for upgrades. Besides, after checking the increased flow of traffic if you decide to go for a paid website, this will only cause problems rather than solutions. Switching to a paid plan will also make your customers switch websites and you may lose some customers in this process. Therefore, you should always go with a paid hosting plan as it offers the options of an upgrade. Tech Support Free web hosting will not provide you tech support. As a result, when something goes wrong, it will remain wrong, and your customers will suffer and you will lose business. Paid hosting offers tech support and you will be able to fix the problem in a short time. Advertisements It is very easy to differentiate a free website from a paid one. A free website is one where you will find unnecessary advertisements. After all, as the website is free, these companies have to find other means to generate revenue and thus the numerous advertisements. As it is free, you do not have any control over the situation, as customers will only get confused. It is best that you avoid the free hosting and go for a paid service instead as this will give you total control over the website. To conclude, a website provides the customer all the details about your products and services. Therefore, you need to ensure the customer has a good experience once on the website. You should go for a paid web hosting service as it offers many privileges that a free service will never offer. The most important advantage of a paid website is that you have tech support. Therefore, whenever something goes wrong you can get it fixed and this is not the case with the free websites where there is no tech support at all.


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