How to Make your Home Look More Welcoming

After a long day out, there is nothing like approaching your house and soaking in the welcoming atmosphere. It is easy to make the home entrance look inviting. Just follow these simple steps.

Tidy Up

Nobody likes living in a messy house and the the way to your front door should be clutter free as well. A few of the kids' toys are not the end of the world but old boxes you have been meaning to get rid of or old shoes you took off before entering the house and then forgot about should all be removed. You will be surprised how liberating it can feel once the front garden has been tidied up. It also helps tremendously if you have a clear path leading up to your door.

We Need Light

Warm, friendly light that greets you as you approach the door is not only useful but also adds a homely atmosphere. It makes finding your keys easier and gives you a sense of arrival even before you open the door. A cold, dark entrance on the other hand can seem intimidating, not to mention that they make the search for the keys so much more difficult. The light can either be attached to the wall or it can be hung from an overdoor canopy or portico, which adds an even more welcoming note to your house. Overdoor canopies will protect you and visitors from the pouring rain and add a little safety shelter from the weather.


Adding a personal note to your house entrance is the perfect way of making it more welcoming. This can be easily achieved by adding whatever you feel comfortable such as flowers, a water fountain or an ornament. This will show that you care about what your home looks like and that it is well looked after. Flowers attract the local wildlife and water fountains are a welcome refreshment for birds.

The Front Door

All your effort can be turned into nothing when your front door looks like it could play the creaking door in a horror film. If the wood in your door is punky, it does not really serve as a protection anymore either. For safety and for aesthetical reasons, you should replace or repair your door. Remove paint chips, sand it down and add a fresh, friendly colour.

If you are looking for solutions to improve the image of your house, you should look into bespoke architectural mouldings for porticoes, porch roofs, orangery roofs etc.


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