How to Stop Procrastination In 3 straightforward Steps

If you are doing a lot of freelancing work you know all about procrastination. When you have your time at your hands suddenly you are unable to be as productive as you should be. People procrastinate because they are not interested on the task that they are supposed to do. It is okay but once it messes up your productivity then it becomes a liability. Suddenly the stress levels go through the roof not to mention the amount of anxiety symptoms that you have to contend with. Luckily there are ways to avoid procrastination and accomplish the things that you have been set to do at the earliest possible time. Here are some ways that you can stop procrastination dead on its tracks.Procrastination

Know your challenges

When you jot down the specific tasks and challenges that you need to overcome it can help you focus better. For example if you need to write three blogs for the day you need to focus on those tasks first and never mind the others that are on your plate. Know the goals that you need to accomplish and try to find out the challenges that go with it. You may need to do some research and introspection on how you can find ways to overcome the challenges that is posed by the tasks that are before you.

Check your emotions

Let's face it. Procrastination is an emotional thing. It is your emotion that is making it hard for you to accomplish the tasks that you need to do. It could be that you are afraid about learning new things because you are not ready. You are not starting the new tasks assigned to you because you are not comfortable with the language used. It could also be that you don't like to speak in front of people and this is the reason why you are not budging from your seat.

Never stop running

You need to have a list of the things that you have to do right now. When it gets done try to do the next task on the list until you get tired. When you stop, the momentum gained will also be put to a halt and it could cause procrastination to creep in and rear its ugly head.

Procrastination is never a good thing because it can ruin one's reputation caused by responsibilities left undone. When this occurs, it increases one's risk of experiencing anxiety, stress and worse depression.


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