Tips to Stop Hating the Job You Have

stop hating jobIn this time of financial crisis and unemployment, leaving the job you hate is definitely the last thing that you would do. Although you may often find yourself feeling so unlucky for having the kind of job you hate, but knowing that millions of people are dying to take your place you are still very lucky. And, that you should inculcate in your mind. However, this may seem easier. Feeling so unhappy in a workplace is like killing yourself slowly . But, you should know that there are several certain ways to conquer this unhappy feeling and start loving the job you have.

Cherish those sacred moments.

When you hate the job you have, going to the workplace everyday would feel like such as an emotional torture. But, these negative thoughts about your job must be replaced with thoughts about those sacred moments that you meet each time you drive or commute your way to your workplace. These sacred moments may include that refreshing feeling you have when you happen to pass that road with fallen leaves from trees. It may also include those amazing views of skyscrapers that make you feel that your ambitions in life are just as high as those buildings. These things should make you feel so thankful for your job gave you the opportunity to enjoy these sacred moments with nature.

Be thankful for those social interactions.

Instead of hating your job, be thankful for all those opportunities of social interactions provided to you. Come to think of it, if not for your job you wouldn't be able to have the chance to collaborate with other team members and learn from them. If not for your job, you wouldn't have the chance to enjoy those company paid field trips and meet people and places from different cultures.

Create order out of chaos.

Making sure that your workplace is devoid of clutter is one of the ways to learn to love your job. Arrange those papers on your desk and see to it that your drawers are neat with all your materials sorted well will help create beauty in a place where love seems so elusive for you. Put a picture frame of your loved one in one corner of you so you can find inspiration and realize that without your job you will never be able to buy what you want for your loved ones. Creating order out of a chaotic place will not only help you find relief from stress and anxiety. But, it will also help you create a workplace that is conducive for fun, enjoyment and happiness.

These things may seem trivial for some but when you try to do the above mentioned tips you will realize that happiness is not about leaving your job but it is all about changing your attitude about it.



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