Cooking Tips: When Your Food becomes Too Spicy

What if you were too excited to finish what you have cooked and then suddenly you accidentally sprinkled too much cayenne pepper or poured too much of hot sauce? This may not be a problem for people who really love to eat super spicy foods. But, if you are cooking for your guests and you are not certain about their level of tolerance in terms of spicy foods, it is better to check out the following tips so you can remedy your delicious yet so hot recipe.

Sweeten your food.

Sugar has been known to counteract the effects of spicy foods. You may want to add a teaspoon of sugar (not the cubes, of course). Honey can also be used if your food has become too spicy. You can also use ketchup so you can tone down the heat produced from your super spicy recipe.

Add some acid.

Yes, acid may not seem to be a great addition for your spicy dish but it can help tone down the heat. Depending on the kind of recipe you are cooking, you can add some lemon juice or lime juice. Other chefs also prefer to add pineapple juice, vinegar or tomato sauce.

Make use of dairy.

Dairy works effectively in taming spicy foods. This is the reason a lot of Mexican and Indian cuisine use dairy products such as yogurt when preparing hot and spicy recipes. You may add in a tablespoon of yogurt, milk, or Parmesan cheese to counteract spicy foods.

Put some sliced veggies.

A lot of chefs swear that adding some sliced carrots or potatoes can help temper overly hot dishes. The sugar content of these veggies will help reduce the heat while their porous texture is also good for absorbing the excess amounts of spice. Now, you not only say good-bye to anxiety caused by your super hot recipe but you are also assured that your dish has health-boosting nutrients.

Throw in some nuts.

Almond butter and peanuts may work well in toning down the heat of your too spicy food. A coconut curry is one example of dish that would taste better if you add in some nuts when it becomes too hot.

For you to avoid coming up with an overly spicy dish, it is better to add the spice in very small amounts first. Then, you can taste it as you go. Avoid the habit of measuring your spice above your pan or some of it would spill. It would also be wise to taste the spice first so you will have an idea about how hot your food can turn out to be.



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