Tips For Your First Year Living Off Campus

If you are heading into your first year ever-living off campus, you're going to have a blast. This is a brave new world for college students, and you'll find that, in many ways, its way different and more exciting than even moving to campus for your freshman year. This is when you get to really settle in and feel like you are on your own for the first time. However, it does come with its own unique set of challenges. If you are going to be moving into Pheasant Run, use these tips to make sure that everything goes well.

1. Find your roommates as soon as you can.

Great roommates are the key to a great year. People start grouping up faster than you'd think, though. Often, they know what they are doing before second semester of your freshman year even ends. Make sure that you get some excellent roommates before you do not have any options left.

2. Find as much free furniture as you can.

Have you ever tried to buy furniture? Even at discount shops, it can be really expensive. However, you can get it for free. Graduating seniors who are moving out don't want it, and they'll often leave it in the apartment, give it to you for free from a different apartment, or sell it on the cheap. Most of the time, they got it the same way, so they don't feel like they're losing out.

3. Figure out what amenities you want.

When it comes to cable TV and Internet access, you usually have a few choices. Your unit might come with free TV, such as, that gives you the basic package. If you want the sports package, you have to add that on. It's important to figure out what you all want so that you can order it and break up the bills correctly.

4. Put one person in charge of the bills and then pay them.

Speaking of bills, you have to break them up - for things like heat or electricity - but you don't each want to pay your part directly. Just put one person in charge of the thing. Have them take care of the bills each month and then bill you for what you owe. You can even cut them a bit of a break on their percentage because of the work they're doing.

5. Get your rent in on time

This is the hardest thing to remember since you probably have not paid rent before, but it's important. Most apartment complexes will charge you a fee for every ten days that you are late with the rent, or something along those lines. If you pay it on time, it's cheaper and you have more money left over for fun and food.

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