Airtel 3G Internet Tips for Bangladesh

Airtel 3g Net Package :  Bangladesh

1) If any one enacts burrowing little creature any 3g web pack in Airtel  The sim will consequently changed over to Airtel 3g sim.

2) You can additionally actuate 3g without initiating any 3g web pack in the event that you need to enact 3g, compose in SMS and send to 5000; at whatever time you can de-initiate your 3g administrations composing in SMS and sending to 5000

Airtel 3G3g offers for Airtel 3G SIM:

1. Pay As You Go: It's essentially the utilizations base default 3g web pack which you can utilize whenever without membership any specific 3g web pack 0.01tk/KB,

• to the extent that you will utilize will be accused as needs be of this sort of web utilizations

• your day by day utilizations limit for 3g Pay As You Go web sort is 10mb/ day; when your every day uses limit compasses to 10mb your network access will be banned and will be unbarred naturally one day from now

• you will get warning at your 8mb 3g Pay As you Go uses and in addition your 10mb utilizations

• to proceed 3g web utilizations further after Pay As You go blocking need to subscribe any 3g web pack which will guarantee your continuous 3g web uses with much lower cost

2. Web Packs: airtel is putting forth moderate shrewd 3g web plans for every last bit of its 3g supporters, you can actuate any of your favored 3g web pack whenever you need

Actuation Channels:

airtel has opened an excess of enactment channels to initiate 3g web packs for its client comforts, you can enact 3g web pack at whatever time, anyplace through SMS, USSD, IVR, client mind… .and so forth

all over 3g web packs are likewise accessible in USSD menu *121*7# and IVR 1212 (free), you can check and subscribe your favored packs from that point.

all over 3g web packs are both for prepaid and postpaid, for postpaid to profit 1gb 3g web pack need to pay Tk. 350 refundable store, on the off chance that you are a postpaid endorser and need to actuate 1gb 3g web pack please visit any airtel client forethought focus.

all above airtel 3g web packs are with pace 1mbps.

every one of the 3g web packs are faciliated with auto-reestablishment characteristic, benefitting auto-replenishment your remaining information volume will be sent with new pack.

on the off chance that you need to stop auto-reestablishment compose in SMS <3goff> and send to 5000; after expiry of your existing pack legitimacy it won't be re-newed and on the off chance that you don't subscribe any further 3g web pack inside the existing pack legitimacy the remaining web volume will be gotten out from record after legitimacy expiry.

4 times uses notices will be given at your half, 80%, 97% and 100% utilizations level of your current subscribed pack.

in the event that your 3g web pack volume is devoured 100% preceding expiry of its legitimacy you will be charged 10kb/ paisa for extra uses work the remaining pack legitimacy, and after expiry of the pack valdity in the event that you are not faciliated with auto-restoration your web utilizations will fall in 'Pay As You Go' and will be charged 1 paisa/ KB.

you may have both 2g and 3g web pack simulteneously, your 2g pack will be utilized within 2g system and 3g pack will be utilized as a part of 3g system, yet in the event that you have 3g web pack just and need to utilize web within 2g without 2g web pack you will be charged an exceptional lessened 2g Pay As you Go rate 10kb/paisa.

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