Meghbala Broadband (PMPL) Tips for Downloading Speed at 20 mbps.

meghbala broadbandMany of us using Meghbala Broadband today as it is cheap and reliable Broadband service than BSNL or any other Broadband service providers. There is no doubt that 3G is more expensive than any Broadband service besides there is no unlimited plan in any 3G service providers. Who want to download unlimited movies unlimited plans is only remedy.  But nowadays BSNL has stop their Night (2.00am to 8.00 am) unlimited plan, so, downloading movies for BSNL Broadband users is a difficult task. They may use Meghbala Broadband.

Meghbala Broadband users are getting torrent downloading speed at 700-900kbps or something like that using 256KBPs plan due to peering. They can dramatically increase their torrent downloading speed upto 20mbps by using simple tricks. Yes you read it correctly 20mbps.

Just install Windows 8 that’s all.

But at first you need to write down your user name & password and IP address and DNS address.Meghbela Broadband

After installing Windows 8.1 configure you IP address with DNS or you may call your Meghbala Broadband service person for configuration.

You may not need to login with your user name & password, if required to login use your username and password.

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