Snapdeal-Aircel Offer Tricks

Actual offer from Snapdeal:

  1. This promotion is effective from 10th Mar 2014, and Aircel reserve the right of this promotion and can be withdrawn or altered without any prior notice.
    2. The offer highlighted offers max 1GB data per month for 3 months to PREPAID subscribers of Aircel only. The data volume will work on 2G / 3G networks depending on Aircel’s service availability in respective regions. Aircel’s service is not available in Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana and in specific cities of Punjab. For details please call the Aircel Call Center of Punjab at 9803012345 or 121 (from your Aircel number)
    3. The offer is applicable for both existing and new Aircel subscribers who buy a new device on 
    4. Roaming changes on data usage will apply as usual.
    5. It is mandatory for subscribers to follow the SMS process using the correct promotion code mailed by to avail the offer
    6. The offer availability is based on current validity of an Aircel subscriber’s account. To ensure uninterrupted service please ensure that your account is active with due balance.
    7. Change of Device, Switching SIM from one slot to another in the same device and / or to a new device will cause the promo to end. Reinitiating of promo will not be possible.
    8. The offer is valid on all new devices bought from and/or customers of who buy any item / products under this promotion. Device IMEI and Mobile Number (MSISDN) once used will not be given the offer on a repeat basis.


Process :
1. Customer buys any product under the offer from
2. On Delivery of that product or confirmed order of that product, Snapdeal will mail the customer, a promo code, within 3 working days of the Delivery of the product or Order Confirmation of that product.
3. Customer to insert an Aircel SIM (whether he is a New or an Existing Subscriber of Aircel) in his Handset or 3G Tablet or any Data Enabled Device.
4. Customer to send the promo code as sms from his Aircel SIM to 121. The sms will be SD(space)(promo code) and it has to be sent to 121.
5. Customers get the offer on their nominated SIM within 2 days of sending the sms.


And The Tricks:

Randomly send the promo code to 121

You will surely get success within 20-25 times.

Promo code format is “iv1234” without quote.

So you have to try again and again with above format promo code and only changing the last 4 digit numbers.

So, you have to send a message “SD iv1234” to 121 and try this process repeatedly with changing only last 4 digit numbers like “SD iv8967” or “SD iv7867” etc. I have succeeded after 21 times.

You will check your data balance by dialing *143*94#

Please check and confirm by commenting.

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