uTorrent has a Hidden Tetris Game

μTorrent  (Pronounced as uTorrent) is the best ever P2P Application for Windows. However do you know that there’s an Easter egg in uTorrent that permits you to play μTris, a hidden Tetris game?


Here is the tricks how to play uTorrent  Tetris game :.

1. Open μTorrent

2. Click “Help” and choose “About uTorrent”

3. When the about window opens just press ’ t ’ .

4. The hidden Tetris game will open in a separate window. Enjoy the game during downloading movie, music or else. Use the arrow keys to manage the falling objects. The left and right arrows move the article falling direction, always down arrow speeds the object’s fall and the up arrow rotate the article.

Bonus : within the about window, if you click on the uTorrent brand, you will hear a synthesized sound



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