Vodafone 3G Unlimited Data Trick for August-2015

Vodafone-3GHi guys I am posting another Vodafone 3G Tips and Tricks. I am depicting an another Vodafone 3g web information trap working in July-2015 and trust that work on August 2015. This tricks is using VPN. I am not depicting much. how about we go to most recent vodafone 3g web utilizing vpn trap – July 2015

How to activate Vodafone 3G using VPN tricks:-

This tricks is working using VPN ( Virtual Private Network). This tricks is working on both PC and Android.

For utilizing free Vodafone 3g by vpn you require the accompanying necessities:

· Vodafone 3g SIM

· Keep balance below 10 paise ( If you have more than 10 paise, Vodafone may deduct your balance. So keep balance beneath 10 paise)

· Set APN – www

Steps – How to enact free 3g web on vodafone utilizing VPN tricks

For Android Devices:-

1. Download Droid Vpn (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aed.droidvpn) from Play store.

2. Download Config records from here [CONFIG1, MOST UPDATED(config2 click here)

3. Install Droid VPN on your Android Device

4. Now extract the config files downloaded from here and open it from droid vpn application

5. Associate and Appreciate free vodafone 3g web in highspeed on your android device.

PC users:-

1. Download NMD VPN (http://www.datafilehost.com/d/fe4b3d7c)

2. Download Config records from here[CONFIG1, MOST UPDATED](config2 snap here)

3. Introduce NMD VPN on your PC

4. Now Move the config files download from here to config folder of NMD VPN, it is normally ( C:\Program Files\nmd vpn\config\)

5. Associate Your vodafone sim to PC with any gadget ( Unite with utilizing net setter ,Dongle , Cellular telephone or any gadgets)

6. Now connect to web by means of that gadget.

7. After that Open NMD VPN ( for windows 7 and 8 clients , open nmd vpn by as Administrator)

8. Now connect with any vpn downloaded from here. You are finished. and enjoy free Vodafone 3g on your PC.


For security , the vpn secret key will change frequently. You can see the most recent secret word from  here (click here)

This tricks is working in Many states.




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