Airtel 3G 4G Free Unlimited DNS Trick All States July 2016

Hi friends , What we tend to are Sharing ? during this we tend to are aiming to share a  evergreen free unlimited

  • Free AirTel 3G VPN Trick Updates Open Share
  • AirTel 3G Back protocol Vpn Trick lovable Speed.
  • AirTel Free vpn Trick Unlimited web No Sim Block/Speed Capping

What is DNS Trick ?
Let point out an summary for this Dns trick, Dns trick is essentially apprehend as name system and might be tweaks for victimization free web on Airtel networks, by victimization Dns trick able to} ready to browse free unlimited web solely to terribly clear by victimization dns tricks you won’t be able to transfer vast file as dns doesn’t provides high speed well you’ll be able to transfer latest music and videos that ar sometimes little in size , as we’ve mentioned dns won’t be providing high speed the explanation behind is DNS works with name servers wherever the protocol and udp associations ar directly peer to look connection thanks to this there’s no or less loss of knowledge transmission . Well will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} simply get speed up thirty KBPS transfairteldnser speed on web transfer manager we tend to advocate to transfer with less variety of association such as you can say transfer with solely 2-4 association rather than downloading with full thirty two association as a result of you’ll be able to lost your association if you set many load on DNS free web tricks.

For Whom this trick suits the simplest ?

This trick is extremely helpful for those that don’t bear for tricks that extremely price high and this DNS trick won’t be cost accounting a penny from your pocket as its supported Zero balance and no risk of speed capping / sim card block, still if you wish to use a true high speed free web trick we tend to advise you choose Airtel 3G 4G direct web trick and revel in speed up to one MBps.

· Activated sim card
· web electronic equipment / electronic device / Mobile to form a association
· laptop / laptop computer / mechanical man Mobile.

· supported DNS vpn trick
· freed from price
· lovable speed up thirty KBps
· Unlimited Browsing / aquatics
· Less or No Disconnection issue

*How to line up this trick on mechanical man
· build New APN (Access Point)
· Name : DNS Trick
· Access purpose :
· transfer SlowDNS VPN type Playstore / Google Play
· Open Slow Dns Vpn app
· Don’t modification USER countersign unless you’ve got Premium account
· choose any free server
· Set Dns as :
· Leave rest settings it’s.
· faucet on connect and watch for association
· once Success full association fancy free association

*Setup for laptop / laptop computer users
· Connect your web electronic equipment
· produce new web settings
· Name : DNS trick
· Access purpose :
· DOWNLOAD Tunnel guru
· Create account on Tunnel guru official page
· Run and Install
· Enter User ID and countersign

· choose DNS and Set DNS as
· Click on Connect and watch for association.
*Note : Free account have restricted Speed and restricted knowledge access upto one hundred fifty MB per day , if you’re a heave web user think about shopping for premium accounts.

*FAQ’s [Frequently Asked Questions]

-Where is that this trick operating ?
Well we’ve tried with Airtel metropolis sim card and its operating fine and that we will assure this is often work for you as it’s a evergreen trick.

-Max Speed transfer / Browsing ?
As Already mentioned you’ll be able to fancy speed upto thirty KBps we’ve tried on Free account , in premium account you’ll be able to get additional speed as they need less hundreds on premium servers.

-Can i take advantage of this whereas I even have 3G knowledge can there’s any deduction of knowledge ?
Yes you’ll be able to , there’ll be no knowledge deduction for your knowledge balance be at liberty to use on 3G 2G knowledge.

-Will I’ll be obtaining high speed if i recharge with 3G 4G knowledge ?
Well we tend to haven’t tried with 4G knowledge however whereas on 3G knowledge your speed are going to be restricted to thirty KBps solely as this is often a DNS tricks and can’t be tweaked for prime speed web.

If you’ve any questions associated with airtel 3g dns vpn trick fell liberated to leave and raise your queries below as comments or Email.

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