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Looking for free web accesstock-vector-wireless-world-wifi-earth-broadband-symbol-of-worldwide-internet-access-49294783s service? during this section, offers a roundup of free internet access service suppliers, in addition as sites which will assist you realize free wireless local area network web access hotspots close to you. With the exception of wireless local area network hotspot suppliers, we have a tendency to typically do not suggest free web access services to be used as your primary internet affiliation, if you wish solid, reliable service. Still, the free services reviewed below area unit handy to be used as a backup service, if your primary supplier experiences period. They additionally give a convenient approach for you to induce on-line, if you are on the road.

All Free ISP

This website offers a searchable information, complete with reviews and ratings, of free ISPs, as well as native ISPs, in the U.S. and Canada. Besides free services, the location additionally takes a glance at discount ISPs.

1-2-Free ISP UK

This service offers subscription-free web access for those within the uk. 1-2-Free ISP UK offers free dial-up internet access, and supports each the Windows and raincoat operative systems. (U.K. only).


Looking for free high-speed web access? FreedomPop offers a basic free arrange that provides you five hundred megabytes of information per month (which is enough to visualize your email and infrequently a social network adore Facebook). If you check in, downgrade to the free service and disable your top-ups (all of which might be done from your account), you’ll be able to stay the five hundred one thousand thousand monthly arrange indefinitely. FreedomPop additionally offers free mobile plans, that offer you five hundred texts, two hundred decision minutes and five hundred megs of information per month.


This handy phone app will assist you realize free wireless local area network anyplace within the world. WifiMapper offers an enormous information, with nearly five hundred million wireless local area network networks worldwide, and over two million counseled free wireless local area network hotspots. WifiMapper additionally offers information what form of venue a given hotspot is in, in addition as however reliable the net affiliation is. (For iPhone and Android).

Open wireless local area network Spots

Looking for free wireless local area network web access? This handy website offers a directory of free wireless local area network hotspots. the location has AN easy-to-use interactive mapping system that helps you discover free wireless local {area network|WLAN|wireless fidelity|WiFi|local area network|LAN} hotspots in any area throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

This website offers free, ad-supported web access service for Windows users. (Canada only).

This service offers anonymous, speedy and reliable free dial-up web access for U.K. residents. It’s appropriate for World Health Organization|people that|folks that|those that|those who} surf the online often (or who travel oft on business). you merely hook up with the net from any U.K. line via AN 0845 variety.(U.K. only).

Are you obtaining your money’s value from your web affiliation? This widespread free service enables you to simply and quickly take a look at the speed of your web connection. To use the service, merely click the “Begin Test” button. This service is internationally accessible.

This website offers free dial-up 56K web access service for folks in western Washington state, in addition as components of recent European nation.


NetZero offers you up to ten hours per month of free internet access in exchange for displaying ad house in your browser. they supply native access numbers to most major and lots of medium-sized U.S. cities. (U.S. only).


One of the 2 major players still providing free web access within the U.S. (along with NetZero), Roman deity offers you ad-supported free internet access service for ten hours a month. (U.S. only).

FreeSpot Directory

This handy directory serves up AN up-to-date roundup of wireless local area network hotspot locations that provide free wireless web access. Most of the listings here area unit within the U.S., however there also are listings for locations in North American nation, Europe, Asia et al.



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