WhatsApp Tips And Tricks

WhatsApp, one among the foremost fashionable mobile electronic communication app, round-faced fierce competition from the likes of WeChat (which is big in China and therefore the Asia Pacific region) and Line (which has its own theme park) however command its ground with its several options that guarantee users have a secure, dependable and sensible electronic communication expertise. therewith in mind, here area unit a number of tips, tricks and apps to urge a lot of out of WhatsApp.

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1. Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

By default, WhatsApp shows a “last seen” timestamp, telling different users the last time you were on WhatsApp. a number of you will wish to disable this timestamp, for privacy reasons. you’ll disable this time stamp on each iOS and Android.

If you’re an iOS user, you’re in luck, since all you would like to try to do is get into Settings==>Chat Settings==>Advanced and set Last Seen Timestamp to Off.

Disable Last Seen Timestamp
If you’re an Android user, you won’t have access to the present setting from the app itself. Instead, you’re reaching to need to deem
a 3rd party app like hiding WhatsApp standing. The app disables your local area network and knowledge association once you open WhatsApp.

Once you exit the app, your {wifi|wireless local area network|WLAN|wireless fidelity|WiFi|local area network|LAN} and knowledge connections are reactivated, WhatsApp can synchronize, and your messages are sent.

2. Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp makes automatic backups of your chats, however, you’ll additionally build a manual backup. On iOS, it’s Settings ==>Chat Settings==>Chat Backup, then faucet duplicate currently.

On Android, simply get into Settings==> Chat settings and faucet Backup conversations to form a backup. This won’t back up your media, therefore you’ll use a file manager to repeat the media folders in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media.

Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats
There are no thanks to restoring chats directly from WhatsApp, therefore if you wish to revive a backup you’re reaching to need to uninstall and instal WhatsApp. once you begin WhatsApp once the instal, you must be prompted to revive your most up-to-date backup. simply follow the procedure and your chats ought to all be back.

3. Lock Your WhatsApp

Everyone, at some purpose or another, has most likely had to cope with friends or family taking a sneak peek at their WhatsApp messages. Thankfully, if you’re victimisation WhatsApp on Android or BlackBerry, there area unit apps that may facilitate secure your WhatsApp from prying eyes.

If you’re victimisation Android there’s WhatsApp Lock, whereas BlackBerry users can wish to examine out Lock for WhatsApp.

Lock Your WhatsApp
Basically, every of those apps work similarly: once you use them, WhatsApp is protected by a PIN (in the case of WhatsLock) or a secret (in the case of Lock for WhatsApp). Either way, once you’ve got things discovered, the individuals around you shouldn’t be ready to take a sneak peek at your WhatsApp from now on.

4. produce Shortcuts For necessary Contacts

Want to hurry up your WhatsApp communication? however concerning making a route to your favourite Whatsapp contact or cluster straight from your home screen?

On Android, this is often as straightforward as long pressing on the cluster or contact you wish to form a route for. once the menu pops up, simply faucet on Add spoken communication route. this can produce a route to the contact or cluster you’ve got chosen right your home screen.

Add spoken communication Shortcuts
This behaviour isn’t obtainable on WhatsApp for iOS, however, you’ll use a third-party app like 1TapWA to possess similar practicality on your iPhone. Since it’s AN app, 1TapWA additionally has some further options like a picture editor ANd an action computer hardware.

5. Stop WhatsApp pictures from showing In Gallery Or Camera Roll

Having WhatsApp pictures in your Gallery or Camera Roll will be terribly annoying; perhaps the photographs area unit somewhat personal, otherwise you simply don’t like having these pictures clutter your Gallery or Camera Roll. you’ll fix this on each iOS and Android.

On iOS, it’s pretty simple; simply visit Settings > Privacy > Photos and so flip the WhatsApp flip.

Stop WhatsApp pictures From showing privately Roll

On Android, you’ve got to form a .nomedia get in WhatsApp’s pictures or video directories. To do this, you would like a file adventurer like E File adventurer. Navigate to the photographs or video folders. faucet the New button within the lower left, choose File and build a file named .nomedia. this can stop the Gallery from scanning the folder.

6. Change Your WhatsApp number

If you’ve modified phone numbers however unbroken an equivalent phone, you oughtn’t to uninstall and install WhatsApp simply to alter numbers. There’s a setting at intervals WhatsApp that may allow you to migrate your WhatsApp account to a special number.

Change WhatsApp number
Go to Settings ==>Account==>Change number. Enter your previous number within the high field and so your new number within the bottom field. Then press Done. Verify your new number, and every one your chat history, teams and then on are migrated to the new variety.

7. Install WhatsApp On an Android.

WhatsApp is constructed for phones and is intelligent enough to understand once you’re attempting to run it on a pill, however, there area unit ways in which around this. Firstly, you would like to grab the most recent version of the WhatsApp .apk. Visit the official web site with Chrome or Firefox and request the desktop version of the location, which can permit you to transfer the .apk directly.

Then transfer SRT AppGuard Install each.

WhatsApp On Android
Run AppGuard initial. choose WhatsApp from the Dashboard then press Monitor. Once AppGuard is finished putting in place the observance, scroll down and disable scan phone standing and identity underneath Phone calls. WhatsApp ought to currently run on your pill. To activate WhatsApp, you’ll simply use your phone line and have WhatsApp decision you with the three-digit verification code.

8. WhatsApp Chat Heads On Android.

One of the simplest things concerning Facebook traveller is its chat heads practicality. We’ve talked concerning transportation chat heads options to SMS before, however currently you’ll even have chat heads for your WhatsApp conversations too, victimization WhatsApp Chat Heads. because the name suggests, the app works aboard WhatsApp to feature chat heads for your conversations.

WhatsApp Chat Heads
The chat heads area unit somewhat customization, and you’ll have specific junction rectifier colours, notification sounds and chat head colours for every one of your contacts. One issue to bear in mind of, though, is that the app needs root access. Plus, it’s additionally still in beta, therefore you will encounter some little problems here and there.

9. Get electronic communication Statistics On Android

This will undoubtedly interest you if you’re a statistics geek or just somebody who’s fascinated by sorting out you and your friends’ WhatsApp habits. WhatStat provides data for metrics like your high friends, friends’ and clusters’ most active times of the day in addition as message distribution for each one-on-one and group chats.

WhatsApp Statistics
WhatStat presents all this data in easy-to-understand visualizations that may build good sense to anyone. Noa lot of having to pay specific attention to WHO initiates conversations or what an honest time to message somebody is; WhatStat can try this all for you.

10. Get WhatsApp notifications On Desktop

If you’ve ever uncomprehensible a WhatsApp message whereas functioning on your desktop, you’ll savvy annoying it will be. If you’re victimization android, there area unit a number of ways in which to form certain that you simply ne’er miss a WhatsApp message once more. you’ll use Pushbullet, which incorporates notification mirroring aboard lots of different options, however, if all you wish is notifications on your pc, look at Desktop Notifications.

WhatsApp Desktop Notification
Just install Desktop Notifications on your golem phone, then install either the Chrome or Firefox extensions looking on your selection of browser. Link the extension to the app victimisation the code provided and you’re smart to go; you’ll currently get WhatsApp (and more) notifications on your desktop.



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