How to edit your Facebook ad preferences

Have you ever seen random ads?

Seen in your timeline and puzzled why Facebook is showing it to you?

It in all probability has one thing to try to along with your Advert Preferences.  Facebook believes  A variety of topics that you’re fascinated by supported your profile, Pages you prefer or have interaction with ads you click on and apps and websites you utilize.

It is very impressive to learn a lot about whether Facebook is fascinated by your Facebook settings. You can read and edit these preferences.

To take a peek at your preferences, click on Settings within the top right corner of Facebook:

Then choose Adverts, and click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Ads based on my preferences'

You then see the below screen, click ‘Visit Ad Preferences’ to look at and edit your ad preferences:

Now, you will  find the page where you'll be able to read and edit all of your ad preferences:

It’s fascinating to dive into every class and inspect the topics listed among your preferences. If you’d wish to take away any of your preferences, and not receive ads targeted to its topic, you'll be able to do therefore by hovering over and clicking the ‘x’ button:

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