Hey firends
I am back again with BSNL 3G Tips.
Now a days BSNL has capped speed for 2G pack on BSNL 3G SIM, using this trick you will again
get 3G speed on BSNL 3G SIM using 2G pack.

First topup with Rs.125/- (2000 MB) 2G pack for 30 days
or Rs. 270/- (10 GB) 2G pack for 3o days.
and see if you are getting 3G speed or not.
If you get 3G speed then its ok, if not then

* Recharge with a minimum BSNL 3G pack (Rs.25/-) & wait for 8 hour. Your speed will be increased within 8 hours.

If you BSNL 3G pack Rs 25/- will get 100 MB for 3 days. OR You can recharge with
BSNL 3G pack Rs. 50/- you will get 200 MB for 15 days.

The MB balance will be added with your DATA STV Balance, and you can be check your STV balance by dialing *123*10# .

Repeat again same process & enjoy.

156 thoughts on “BSNL 3G FEBRUARY 2013 TIPS

  1. but bro after 25 recharge will u get unlimited memory i have used my rs125 pack 2gb memory can i now recharge with rs 25 will it work now

      1. hey i just recharged with 270 today earlier it was giving 3g speed then it stopped giving 3g speed now it is giving 2g speed so wat to do man!

      2. hey bro i am havng bsnl 2g sim…i recharged it wid rs.125…for 3 days i got 3g aftr dat m nt even able to connect it to 3g mode…ny solution???

  2. Bhai. Bodoi bsnl proxy block kore diyeche. Plz confirm. Tomar ki kaj korche proxy. Its not working from 02/02/13 evening. Plz confirm.

    1. I mean you have to topup with Rs 25/- ( 3G pack) from a mobile shop.
      you will be added with 100 MB data
      you can check by *123*10#
      e recharge will not work.

  3. i recharged with 48 which changes the pulse rate to minute and gives an additional 200 MB 3G data. Initially the speed was capped as b4, but after 20 hrs or so i started getting 3g speed. I recharged with 270 and the speed was still the same. But after 6 hrs or so after the 270 recharge my speed again got capped. now tell me if 25 recharge is suitable at this stage. waiting for reply..thanks

  4. the same thing happened wid me as wid aritra speed only lasts for about 6 hrs….. hey as 125 pack confirmed gives 3g speed shud i try dat and wid it add wid earlier 10gb of 270

  5. hey i checked the memory does not increase by recharge with 25 it remains same nd d no. is *123*6# so 25 trick does not work

    1. If you recharge with 25 you will be given 100 mb data for internet surfing.
      Please ask your retailer to recharge Rs 25 for 3g internet.
      or you may call CC personnel for right way.

      you may note that arnab and many others have getting speed using this trick.

  6. hi admin..
    im from Andhra Pradesh.. this trick is not working here..i went to the outlet, did rs125 recharge.. but it not done.. the retailer got fail message.. presently im using bsnl 3g to get that.. reply me..!

  7. hey i m from Gujarat Ahmadabad.last time i was recharge with 126 and i m getting 75 to 100 up downloaded speed for 3 days.but right now i m getting 15 to 18 KB downloaded speed .what can i do for the getting a high internet. please help me i was recharge last day 270 rs of 10 GB please help me otherwise totly west of my money…..

  8. I have purchase new BSNL 2G SIM, i recharged that with Rs 98 internet pack and i am usng Huawei e355 data card, I got 3G speed without any trick on the first day of usage and i have used 550 MB data within an hour and the very next day unfortunately i was getting 2g speed 15-20 KB,
    so what to do any idea ?? how to get 3G speed ?? any trick??

  9. I am using Rs.270 2G pack for gettiing for getting 3g sppeds since last 6 months in Ahmedabad. But I have seen since feb 13 bsnl is somehow reducing the speed as you have told. Still I have seen that when I recharge again with 98 pack. I get 3g speeds for about a week then automatically my speed reduces to 2g.. Is there any way to get 3g speeds till your data balance is not over..??

  10. hey i dont think your trick works in punjabi rechrged with 270 nd wen wen getting 2g speed i recharged wid rs25 nd memory was increased with 100mb nd waited for 8 hours but the speed did not increaases its still same 2g nd m really pissed off man dnt knw wat to do

    1. Have you 3G SIM?
      if not then you will not get speed.
      if yes then is it 128K or 64K?
      if 128k then you will get 3G speed, otherwise
      you may try with a new 128K BSNL 3G SIM.

  11. i brought dis sim 2months ago asking for 3g sim so i m pretty sure it is 3g sim n how do you know its 128k or 64 k? i was getting 3g speed listen last month as u knw i have done many recharges nd memory has become 22gb widout getting 3g speed but in last 3days of my ending of dat pack i automatically got 3g speed doin nthin nd used my 22gb in 3 days nw in this month i recharged wid 301 so dat validity will be 3 months but no 3g speed nd recharged wid 25 as i told u earlier nthin happened so nw tell me wat shud i do

    1. I don’t know about 301.
      I have tested with 98, 125, and 270 and
      all of these are working fine.

      You may try with 98 or 125 after expiry of 301
      otherwise I don’t know what to do.

      1. My 301(2G) gprs validity was till 4 march but i was recharge with 301 in 27 feb .I am till get 2G speed after trying many 3G gprs packs(25 and 50).What to do? I am using 3g kolkata SIM.

  12. on 13th feb this year i recharged with 301 and then on 14th with 25(3Gpack). Both recharges are from internet(paytm). I was using the 3G service for the last 5 days or so with download speed beyond 100KBPS. Now my data balance is low. should i repeat the process??

    Admin please reply ASAP..

          1. ami 98,125,219 sobetei 2.7mbps speed peyechi ja diye 397kbps e download hoto ….but 270 kal rate reacharge korlam…tar2hours bade 25 reacharge korlam….speed dayeni….plz kichu bolo….ki korbo?

    1. Amar Kintu Hocche.
      Tomar Kano Hocche Bolte parbo Na.
      Amar Mone Hoi 270 Validity ses hower por
      tumi 25 ba kono 3G pack recharge koro.
      dakho speed paccho ki na?
      Jodi speed pao tobe 25 validity ses hower por
      125 ba 98 recharge karo.
      6 ghonta pore jodi speed kome jai.
      tobe por din abar 25 recharge karo.
      8 ghonta por abar speed pabe.

      1. Hi
        ami last koek month dhore tomar trick use kore 300to400kbps speed pea6i
        bt on 03/07 ami 125 recharge kore on d same day25 recharge kore6i…
        bt from d next day 2g speed di6e…..
        kintu age emon hoto na….
        pls hlp me bro….

  13. bro ur proxy tricks of increasing 8 times data seems to be blocked….as same data data deducts if u proxy use or without using proxy…plz bro can u confirm me.

  14. i reside in lucknow..
    i want to buy a 3g bsnl sim 128k but i couldnt find it anywhere ..
    i asked to a bsnl retailer.he said its nt coming in the market.
    please reply

  15. I am rc with 301 bt i m not geting speed,,if i m rc with 25 now then 301 rc is overlaps or not….
    And the speed wil be incresed or not…plz reply sir

  16. i recharged with 125 2g pack than i recharge with 50 3g pack, i got 200 mb extra, its been 30 hours but still i not getting 3g speed? what to do? and 25 3g recharge is not working here in uttarakhand

      1. yes, i recharged the 5o stv next day of 125,
        When i recharged with 125 i got 3g speed for 1 hour then after it got capped.
        Next day i recharged with 50 but not get any 3g speed .
        So do i have to recharge with 3g stv again ?

  17. first i recharge from rs 600 to get 3G 3gb +4gb for 30 days, i use all the data in 3 days then i recharged with rs 125 to get 2G 2gb data i get 3g speed for 6hr, next day i recharged with rs 25 3G 100mb. and i am not getting the 3G speed.
    and what kind of sim is required 3G (128k) or simple 2G sim. for this trick
    and what i have to do now to get 3G speed. i am using micromax 352G 3g songle.

  18. hello sir ji maine bsnl 3g sim khareeda n 270 ka 2g recharge kraya and fir 3g ka 50 ka reacharge krya then fir 8 hours baad maine net connect kia but sala 200kbps se jada speed nahi de rha hai sir please kuch help kro maine 3g sim 600 rupees mai buy kia hai please help me 🙁

    1. If you recharge 3G pack (50) on the same day of recharging 270
      then it will not work any more.
      wait until validity of 2G pack.
      Then recharge with any 3G pack
      You will get speed
      then try the trick.

  19. yaar mere paas bsnl 128kb 3g sim hai maine ussme pehle rs.25 ka 3g pack dalwaya phir phir maine speed ko chek kiya tab to sahi aa rahi thi phir maine rs.14 wale three 2g pack dalwaye phir maine speed chek ki tab bhi theek aa rahi thi but yaar 4-5 gante baad wo yaar 2g ki speed de raha hai bta yaar min kya karu main yaar bada pareshan hun……..

  20. When I first used 2G pack in 3G dongle it gives me 3g speed for 6 hours but after that my speed goes down to 2G speed.
    How can I get 3g speed back. please reply

    1. You have to Recharge with a minimum 3G pack (Like Rs. 25.00 ) next day or later
      You will get 3G speed after 8 Hours of recharging of 3G pack

    1. i have the same problem, so i got irritated and left the sim without using net for some days, and i get speed of 100-250kbps so dont worry, and dont call customer care too much they will block u for some time , then u will not able to talk representative.

  21. hello admin wher r u frm ? is this wrking in ur area?? i m from chakan , pune. i m also facing the same problem in my area. i recharged 270 rs 2g data . in the biginning i got 3g speed for 10 days but after i m getting only 2g speed in average speed of 15 to 20 kbps . is this trick can work in my area? plz reply….

  22. don’t recharge with 3g pack,,,bsnl have some technical issue,,,not giving 3g speed,,,i have tried in many location(kolkata & near by)
    even unable to call customer care and no reply from online customer support….

  23. my dear all friends
    do not think that bsnl technocrats are fool. no trick at all . bsnl is offering promo pack .recharge 120 and u will ger 1250+250MB usages. this is applicable in all circles.

  24. Hello, There I am From Gujarat, I have 3G SIM Card of BSNL and I am using internet through the Huawei Dongle. I have done the FRC(First Recharge) of 149 In that I gotten the 1 GB 3G data usage. Now If I will recharge of 98 Rs of 2G, can I get More MBs in that ? What will the Speed ( 3G or 2G) ? As per your Trick of bsnlive.

    Thank In Advance For Help.

  25. i had 3g download speed of 300kpbs and surfing speed of 3mbps.but bsnl capped the speed just recently. mine is 3g sim which i was recharging with Rs 270.but certain revision of rates has forced me to the recharge of Rs 219 which gives 4hrs day and 4hrs night.thats when the speed went down.i recharged it with Rs 25.but didn’t wait for there was obviously no change in speed.does this 8 hrs thing really works or its just same old lame tricks found on the way i am in Nagpur. .

  26. Hey..Hi…
    I just want to ask one que…
    I have recharged with Rs 270/- 3 days ago….and now as you said if I recharge with Rs. 25 then that 100Mb will be added in my 5Gb or I will loose that 5Gb and only 100 Mb will use full
    I am asking this because I tried Same trick in Docomo when i recharged new pack old data was lost….

  27. sir, my net pack data is going to end and have validity of more than 15 days, and i was not using this hack. so if i recharge with 2GB 2G pack then 100MB 3G pack and not use net for 8 hr,
    Q1. Does it will work?
    Q2. what will be time difference between the 2 recharge?
    plz answer my both question they will be very help full. u r my last hop sir . THANKS.

    1. The trick (It is not a Hack at all) is not working for last 10-15 days for
      some technical problem of BSNL. I think this trick will work again shortly.
    2. Minimum time difference required between the 2 recharge is 1 (One) day.
      1. sir, i have checked today that bsnl have changed their data
        500MB 25 Days 2G DRV54 Rs.48.06
        1.5GB 30 Days 2G DRV125 Rs.111.25
        5GB 30 Days 2G DRV270 Rs.240.3
        6GB 90 Days 2G DRV301 Rs.267.89

  28. HI,ON 28th of april 2013 I had done a recharge of Rs 270.Now it is giving 5 gb data.When recharge was done I started using the net with 3g speeds of 200kbps-400kbps but next day it was worst giving me 2g speed of 15kbps-20kbps.
    Now What to do bro?

  29. sorry for incomplete reply..

    sir , is there any way to know that the technical problem with bsnl is over

  30. i am using bsnl krushi since 1 year and getting the 3g speed(300-400 KB/s) with 2g plan in Aurangabad maharashtra.but from 10-15 days it has gone to 20-30 KB/s. anybody from my locality has same issue?and how many days will the system updation take place?

  31. I did the same as specified in the post. 100 MB data was also added in my account and even after 14 hours i am not getting 3g speed. Please help..

  32. This trick not always works.. I used this many times with a bsnl 3g sim(128k)
    u will get 3g speed for few hours or a day. but after that your speed will capped at 135kbps or less
    browsing speed and 10-15kbps downloading speed. with idm maximam 20kbps.
    this tricks are not stable.. do it with ur own risk.
    i personally recharge with 98-125-270 2g plans and minimun 3g data plan.
    if ur speed is capped you have to wait for over validity or buy another 3g admin mention
    this tricks were working fine when bsnl first launched 3g services in india…
    but now they are smarter then us.

  33. Hi,I am Biswadeep from kolkata.I have used the trick posted by admin from November 2012.But since April 2013 this trick is not working.Then I have wait for over validity and recharge 3g pack of Rs 25(100MB Data),but still no enhancement of speed.I have call customer care but there is no response from there.I have tried online complaint but still the result is same.Then I am tried various apn,again the same result-speed is not up.I request admin to please post another trick to increase the speed of bsnl internet using 2g data pack recharge.

  34. Dear friends i bought a huawei wifi dongle from flipkart, and a new sim from bsnl and got 3g plan of 360rs for 2 gb. when i check speed on websites like mcafee speedometer , it tells speed is over 2 mbps, but after 4-5 secs i am not able to open any site properly. its speed so poor although signals are full and strong and 3g is also displayed on web management page. PLEASE HELP !

  35. hello.. i recharge 301 for 6gb then next day i recharge 200 mb 3g for 15 days.. it gives me poor speed like 128kbps.. hame bhi kuch btaa dijiye admin saab :-

  36. So according to your trick we have to first buy a new 3g sim of our circle and then do a 2g recharge of 125 and get 1.5 gb and then what if we do the 3g rs25 recharge just after the 125 2g recharge without connecting to the internet in the meantime, will I get 3g speed? Also, can I recharge rs 25 3g via my mobile I mean by messaging help data3 to 52244 and then selecting the plan?

    1. No, You don’t get 3G speed.
      You have to connect to internet first then after a day you can recharge Rs.25/-
      No, you can’t recharge via your mobile.

  37. sir ami gtokal 300 taka diye 2g net pack active korechi….tokhon speed dichilo 350kb/s..kintu ajke ami amar bsnl no theke 10 taka other bsnl no a transfer kortei speed 30kb/s hoye jai…….akhon o speed 30kb/s….kichu bujhte parchi na…..plz help koren……ami ajke aber 270 recharge korechi…but kono lav hoini……plz help me

  38. there was some 2g data left and then i recharged with 599 topup for 3g but i am geting 2g speed what could be the can u plz help

  39. @admin
    you seem to be responding to all the queries from almost anyone. much appreciated.
    i also have the same query, is the trick working still (july 2013). it also looks like, there was some change in the plans, for 2G Rs 270, 5GB is what we are getting now.
    Anyways, clarification would help.

    Thank you !

    1. The trick is not working with old SIM.
      One of my friends tell me that the trick is working
      with new bsnl 3G SIM.
      Yes at Rs 270/- you will get 5GB of data for 30 days.

      But do it with your own risk. The admin of this site will
      not responsible for anything.


  41. i have recharged my bsnl sim with 270rs pack but speed doesn’t increases. then i recharge my sim 25 3g pack but speed doesn’t increases. tell me the way to increase the speed.

  42. Sir I have been using Bsnl 3g in Micromax 353g dongle with 3Gb , 3g data plan plan in pune

    But i get maximum speed 600-700 kbps. I tried every possible solution such as HSPA/UMTS manual selection of 3g network , APN. ,calling number of times to customer care etc

    What shall I do now to get 1Mbps speed with 3g data plan?

    Thanks in advance

  43. i too have above mention problems in up west, before taking another risk i would like to know from u all, if anyone used rech 57 for video call to increase net speed???????????
    reply ur experience

  44. Hi,
    my sim is from odisha and i use it in maharastra. as u hv said rechage first wid 2g pack then wid 3g pack, i hv did it wid 301-2g pack and 25 -3g pack after 3 days but i lost my all data of 301— 6 gb data and able to use only 100mb data and too in 2g speed . hw to back my data back. now evenif i recharged wid 3g pack not getting speed more than 100kbps. plz help……thanks

  45. yesterday i rechage 98..and get 700 mb data…and i get 3g speed with using proxy…4-5 month ago same pack but got 1gb data which extend 4gb data with 3g speed. but now i access only 700mb data with rechage 98..(KOLKATA,SALT LAKE)

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